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, 100%, 鼧, , Cocoa Powder, Cacao Powder

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13/04/2561 - 16:06:37 .

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, 100%, 鼧, , Cocoa Powder, Cacao Powder

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¢СõҴ .Ԥ

36/1 9 ӺŹҴ ͧطҤ ѧѴطҤ 74000

034496284, 034854888, 0861762992, 0824504888, 0868850111

ʹ polychemicals888 (at) gmail (dot) com

Ե鼧, ˹鼧, 鼧, ѷ鼧, 鼧, ͡鼧

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Ե, ˹¼, ¼, ѷ, Ҽ, ͡

Ե, ˹¤, ¤, Ҥ, ͡, ѷ

͡ҡ ѷ Ԥ ѧ繼 ͡ Ш˹ ô (Food Grade Chemical), ѵͻ (Food Additive) ա¡ öͺ ¢СõҴ .Ԥ 034496284, 034854888, 0824504888


ǹѡͧ͡ŵ 駷繢 ͧ͹ ѹҼ͹ ѹѹդҧѹ硹 ͹Ҫ͹ѹз Ѵ¤ͤ ʪҵ դسҾеͧع ͡ҧ ҫ ǹҡ͡ҡҤѡ ѺͧԴͨҤࡳ ҡҤᾧդسҾ ¡ ͡´٨ҡسѵ ͧ͡ҧд ѹ͹ ѹ ҧáͧжا ҳ繵ѹ Ҩҡ索ͧ鹤 ١令Դ Ǻҹ͹ٻͧ˹״չӵ ¡ cocoa liquor ҡ鹨֧仼ҹкǹմѹ (cocoa butter) ͡ (cocoa solids) 㹡кǹմѹ 2 Ը Ըá Broma Process 繡ù cocoa liquor ػóѡɳФ¶ا ǹͧس ѹФ ´͡ ǹ ǹͧ١Һ繼 Ըշ 2 Ԥ պ cocoa liquor ǹѹ͡ Ըչӹǹѹ¡Ըá кǹմ cocoa liquor մѹ 0 – 25 % ռҳѹҡ Ҥᾧ ·仨з 2 дѺ

骹Դѹ٧ (Hi-fat cocoa power) ջҳѹ 22 – 24% 骹Դ Ҥᾧ ѡ ǹ ء ͪͧ 骹Դѹ (Low-fat cocoa power) ջҳѹ 10 – 12% ը͹ 鹹¡ Ҥᾧ СѺ顷鹷ع٧ ͨйҪ ͡ҡҳѹҧѹ ѧ觼ա 2 Դ ࡳкǹüԵ ҵ (Natural Cocoa Powder) Ẻ Dutch Process Natural Cocoa Powder ͼҵ չӵ͹ Ӥѭդ繡ô͹ 骹Դҡ觼Եҧ ҪҹẺҹҨǹԴ ҡӼ骹Դ价Ӣ еͧá⫴һСͺѹມ⫴դҤ繴ҧзӻԡԴķ繡ҧ͡ôдҧ͡ѹ Դһ¡ҫ͡ 颹ͧҿٹ鹹ͧ Dutch Propess Cocoa powder ͼҹкǹ繡ô 㹢鹵͹ѡ ж١ҧҹ͹й仼ҹ鹵͹ ʪҵԹŢ ¹¡ѧշ鹴 繹ӵᴧ ͹кǹüԵ ͹͹价繢 ըʹ ٵâ鼧骹Դ繵ͧá⫴һѺ繡ҧ ¹鼧ٷ颹ٹ᷹ ͡ҡա֡ҾẺѪʹдѺͧõҹ͹ ( Antioxidant ) ӡẺ ǡѺ 鼧, , Cocoa Powder öͺ¢ .Ԥ 034496284, 034854888, 0861762992, 0824504888

Cocoa solids are a mixture of many substances remaining after cocoa butter is extracted from cacao beans. When sold as an end product, it may also be called cocoa powder or cocoa. Cocoa solids are a key ingredient of chocolate, chocolate syrup, and chocolate confections. In contrast, the fatty component of chocolate is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is 50% to 57% of the weight of cocoa beans and gives chocolate its characteristic melting properties. Cocoa liquor or cocoa mass is a paste of roasted cocoa beans with cocoa butter and solids in their natural proportions. Recipes for chocolate require the addition of extra cocoa butter to cocoa liquor, leading to a cocoa solids surplus and thus a relatively cheap supply of cocoa powder. This contrasts with the earliest European usage of cocoa where, before milk and dark chocolate was popularized, cocoa powder was the primary product and cocoa butter was little more than a waste product. Cocoa solids contain flavanol antioxidants, amounts of which are reduced if the cocoa is subjected to acid-reducing alkalization. Health benefits have been attributed to cocoa flavonoids. More information of high quality Cocoa Powder, please contact Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd. Tel (66)34 496284, (66)34 854888, (66)8600160016


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