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ặ, Filler Masterbatch, ͡෹ặ, Extender Masterbatch

Ť, Ť, 紷Ť, 紷Ť, , Talc Pellet, Talcum Pellet, Filler Pellet

öͺ ¢СõҴ .Ԥ

36/1 9 ӺŹҴ ͧطҤ ѧѴطҤ 74000

034496284, 034854888, 0861762992, 0824504888, 0868850111

ʹ polychemicals888 (at) gmail (dot) com

͡ҡ ѷ ѧ繼Ե ͡ Ш˹¿ặ¤

ặ, ๵ ặ, ,

Calcium Masterbatch, Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch, CaCO3 Masterbatch

Calcium Pellet, Calcium Carbonate Pellet, CaCO3 Pellet, CaCO3 Filler

Synonym, š, Ť, Ť, 駷š, 駷Ť, 駷Ť, š켧, Ť켧, Ť

Ť, 紷Ť, š, 紷š, Ť, 紷Ť, , 紿

Ť ặ, Ť ẵ, Ť ặ, Ť ẵ

š ặ, š ẵ, š ặ, š ẵ

Ť ặ, Ť ẵ, Ť ặ, Ť ẵ

ặ, ẵ, ặ, ẵ

Talc Masterbatch, Talcum Masterbatch, Filler Masterbatch, Filler Pellet

Talc, Talc Powder, Talcum, Talcum Powder, Talc Pellet, Talcum Pellet

Magnesium Silicate, Magnesium Silicate Masterbatch, Magnesium Silicate Pellet

ԵŤ, ·Ť, ˹·Ť, ҷŤ, ͡Ť

Ե紷Ť, 紷Ť, ˹紷Ť, 紷Ť, ͡紷Ť

Talcum Masterbatch, Talc Masterbatch, Thailand Talcum, Thailand Talcum Masterbatch

We are manufacturer, distributor and exporter of high quality Filler masterbatch in Thailand. Our main products include Talcum masterbatch (Talc masterbatch) and Calcium Carbonate masterbatch (CaCO3 masterbatch). More information and more technical support, please contact our technical Sales. Thai Poly Chemicals Company Limited

36/1 Moo 9, Nadee, Mueangsamutsakhon, Samutsakhon, Thailand 74000                      

Tel. 6634 496284, 6634 854888, 668 00160016, 668 24504888, 668 98554004

Email address:  polychemicals888 (at) gmail (dot) com

Talcum masterbatch is made with super fine talcum powder and other high quality special additives based in versatile polymer resin carrier by advanced twin-screw extruder machine. Talcum masterbatch is very popular in the development of plastic products industry because of high stable quality and excellent dispersion. Talcum masterbatch is applicable for PP table wares, sheets, pallets, car parts, bumpers and a variety of heat resistant household electric wares and extruded products. Application Examples, Tapes, Fibres, Geotextiles, Films, Extrusions and Injection Mouldings. Talcum masterbatch characteristic as below:

1. Improving rigidity, stiffness, and heat resistance and atomizing effect.

2. To render the masterbatch plasticity due to the ultra-fine surface treatment of the particle

3. To enhance the surface modulus of PP products

4. Non-toxic, non-irritant, environmentally-friendly materials with good plasticity.

5. Excellent dispersion

Talcum Masterbatch, Talc Masterbatch, Thailand Talcum, Thailand Talc

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch, CaCO3 Masterbatch, Thailand Calcium

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