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Եչ, ¡չ, ˹¡չ, ͡չ, ѷչ, çҹչ

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ѷ Ԥ ӡѴ ԹáԨ Ե ͡ Ш˹ չ, Glycerine

Եչ, ¡չ, ˹¡չ, ͡չ, ѷչ, çҹչ

չ, Glycerine, 俹չ, Refined Glycerine, չ, Glycerine USP

չط, Vegetable Glycerine, , Glycerol, 俹, Refined Glycerol

źط, Vegetable Glycerol, Thailand Glycerine, Thailand Glycerol

Thailand Glycic Alcohol, Thailand Oleo Chemicals, չʾ,

öͺǡѺԵѳ Тšҹ

¢СõҴ, .Ԥ . 034496284, 034854888

Mobile No. 0861762992, 0868850111, 0824504888, 0800160016

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Եչ, ¡չ, ˹¡չ, ͡չ, ѷչ, çҹչ

Ե, ¡, ˹¡, ͡, ѷ, çҹ

չ, , Թ, ūš

俹չ, 俹, 俹Թ, 俹ūš

չط, źط, Թط, ūšط

չ, , Թ, ūš

չ 99.5, 99.5, Թ 99.5, ūš 99.5

չ 99.7, 99.7, Թ 99.7, ūš 99.7

չŹ, Ź, ԹŹ, ūšŹ

Glycerine, Glycerol, Glycerin, Thailand Glycerine, Thailand Glycerol, Thailand Glycerin

Glycerine USP, Glycerol USP, Glycerin USP

Glycerine 99.5, Glycerol 99.5, Glycerin 99.5

Glycerine 99.7, Glycerol 99.7, Glycerin 99.7

Glycerine food grade, Glycerol food grade, Glycerin food grade

Refined Glycerine, Refined Glycerol, Refined Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerine, Vegetable Glycerol, Vegetable Glycerin

Glycerine price, Glycerol price, Glycerin price

Pure Glycerine, Pure Glycerol, Pure Glycerin

Propanetriol, Glyceritol, Glycic Alcohol, Trihydroxypropane



ͺ .Ԥ 034496284, 034854888

չ 繢ͧǷ ա դ˹״ ҹ »Ҩҡѹͧת ·令 ѹо йѹ չöšй ѹ ͧҡչդسѵԷҧշҡ¨֧öõ駵㹡ѧ


¤سѵԷöšйͧ ֧աùªҧҧҧ 觡չطö任ءٻẺ ǹ繵Ǫ㹡кǹüԵͧҧԵѳͧآ͹ǹؤ տѹ м йҧҧҧصˡʺ Сչê͹« ͻͧдٴѺʡѺҡȫ觨з֡Ҽդ դ͹¹ͼ Ѵʡáѧ شѹ٢ 駻ʹµͼ˹ѧ ÷չ ÷վ㹷ءٻẺͧûء Ҩõ駵 չշѺʹйªҧᾷ ¡÷˹纷 к ѧö੾з ѺѡҤԴԷҧ˹ѧªԴ ֧ç˹ѧ ǡ šѺ кҴŨҡͧդ չ١ѡä˧͡ ͧҡչöẤ·Ǣͧͧ


չ (glycerine) Ҩ¡ª glycerol, glycerin, 1,2,3-propanetriol ö¹ٵšŷҧ CH2OHCHOHCH2OH ա(odorless) (colorless) ҹ(sweet-tasting) ͹(syrupy liquid) չ(glycerine) trihydric alcohol Ƿ 17.8 C ʹµ(Boil & decomposition) 290 C, 㹹š ٴ׹Өҡҡ ֧价 moistener ͧҧ չٻẺͧô (glycerides) 䢹ѹת йѹѵ չ öѧҡ Propylene ШҡѡӵŴ sodium bisulfite ʵ(yeast) աüԵҡкǹüԵʹ(Biodiesel)


չ ١ҹҧҧҧõǷ(solvent) ҹ(sweetener) ͧҧ(cosmetics and personal care products) ʺ(liquid soaps) ١(candy) (liqueurs) ֡(inks) (lubricants) ״(pliable) ûͧѹ秵, Ŵش͡ (antifreeze mixtures) ǹͧͧ (Food and beverage ingredients ) ѵ(Animal feed ) ûԪǹ(Antibiotics) (Pharmaceuticals) (moisturizers) ѹԡ(Hydraulic fluids) õ駵鹷ҧյҧ(Polyether polyols, propylene glycol, epichlorohydrin) Сª㹴ҹ



1. 繵Ƿصˡҧ ͧҡö㹹š

2. ѺصˡѺõ駵㹡üԵûСͺ (polyol) ѺԵ

3. չ, դҡ 55 ҹö÷᷹ӵ

4. չ, èӾǡ Hydroscopic դسѵԴٴѺ㹺ҡ ֧ǹСͺͧԵѳͧä ״ 繤 صˡʵԡդ͹ ״

5. ǹͧԵѳͷ˹ҷ Thickening agent, Thickener Bodying agent ö˹״

6. ǹѺԵѳѡҤ Һǹҡ տѹ ʺ 繵

7. ǹͧԵѳ ͧ ÷᷹ӵ 繵

8. ⹡ôūԿ(Emulsifier) (Stabilizer)

9. մͺԵѳҧɵѡҤʴ ͧѹ¢ͧ ٺ мԵѳҡɵêԴ

10. ǹ㹼ԵѳͧҧѺŪѹ㹼Եѳ ÷˹ҷѡҤ鹷ǹͧԵѳ ѡҤ鹢ͧǴ蹡ѹ


չդسѵԷҧշҡ ֧öõ駵㹡ѧժԴ ҧҧҧ صˡҹչ кǹüԵͧҧ Եѳͧآ͹ǹؤ տѹ м йҡصˡʺ صˡ صˡ صˡ ªͧչ ١ҹҧҧҧ õǷ, 鹷 (solvent), ҹ (sweetener), Եͧҧ (cosmetics and personal care products) ͹« ͻͧдٴѺʡѺҡ 觨з֡Ҽդ ͹¹ͼ Ѵʡáѧ شѹ٢ 駻ʹµͼ˹ѧ ҧԵѳǹͧչ ¡ҧԵѳ

١ (candy)


֡ (inks)


ҧ״ (pliable)

ûͧѹ秵, Ŵش͡ (antifreeze mixtures)

ǹͧ (Food and beverage ingredients )

ѵ (Animal feed)

üǧ˹ (Premixed)

ûԪǹ (Antibiotics)



ѹԡ (Hydraulic fluids)

õ駵鹷ҧյҧ (Polyether, polyols, propylene glycol, epichlorohydrin )

ǡѺչ öͺµç

¢СõҴ, .Ԥ . 034496284, 034854888

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PRODUCT NAME: Refined Glycerine, Product of Thailand and Malaysia
CHEMICAL NAME:  1,2,3-Propanetriol
CAS NUMBER: 56-81-5
SYNONYMS: 1,2,3-Propanetriol, Glyceritol, Glycic Alcohol, 1,2,3-Trihydroxypropane, 1,2,3-Propanetriol, Glycerine, Refined Glycerine, Glycerine USP, Glycerine 99.5 % min, Glycerin, Refined Glycerin, Glycerin USP, Glycerin 99.5 % min, Glycerol, Refined Glycerol, Glycerol USP, Glycerol 99.5 % min.


PHYSICAL FORM: Transparent Liquid



Glycerine is also named as "Glycerin" and "Glycerol". However, Glycerine is the most common used in the world. Chemically, it is a trihydric alcohol as by product of oleo chemicals and biodiesel production. After the process of refining for purification to become "Refined Glycerine", it will have glycerine content in a range between 99.5% or more. For physical properties of refined glycerine, it is water-soluble, clear or colorless, odorless, hygroscopic liquid with high boiling point. Refined glycerine can be used in many applications since it is non-toxic to human health and environment for example, food, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or even foams. Our refined glycerine, so called glycerol, is derived from biodiesel-based glycerine with using non-GMO palm oil as feedstock. It is guaranteed at 99.5% minimum, USP Grade and Kosher certificate. Additionally, our refined glycerine is certified by international standard organization. Currently, our refined glycerine is known world-wide as a result from high and consistency in quality after first launched in the market in late many years.

250 kg/drum, HDPE drum, 20 MT/20FCL

250 kg/drum, metal drum, 20 MT/20FCL

20-24 Ton / Flexi bag, 20-24 MT/20FCL

ORIGIN OF COUNTRY: Thailand, Malaysia
MANUFACTURER, SUPPLIER: Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd.
EXPORTER: Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS: 36/1 Moo 9, Nadee, Mueangsamutsakhon, Samutsakhon, Thailand
DEPARTMENT: Marketing and Sales, Export Sales Division
Tel.  +6634 496284, +6634 854888
Fax. +6634 496285, +6634 496680
Mobile No. +668 00160016, +668 98554004

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More Technical Information of Glycerine, Glycerin, Glycerol

Glycerine used in many applications since it is non-toxic to human health and environment for example food, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or even foams. Refined glycerine is a product from natural tropical palm oil refinery production process. It is a sweet tasting liquid that is colorless and odorless, virtually non-toxic, absorbs moisture and has solvent properties. It is used for pharmaceutical and medical products, creams and lotions, oral cares, resins, plastics, and tobacco. It is normally used as a means of emollient to provide lubrication and moisture for personal care products as well as used as emulsifier for other industrial applications. Thai Poly Chemicals Company Limited supply Refined Glycerine that produce by splitting the natural palm oil, palm kernel oil, Refined Glycerine with standards USP (United States Pharmacopeia), EP (European Pharmacopeia) as well certified with HACCP, Kosher Halal and GMP Certification. Application Uses. This colorless and odorless, sweet-tasting viscous liquid and it is hygroscopic. End-use applications for Glycerine include pharmaceutical applications, food and beverage ingredient, sweetener, Personal care items such as tooth pastes, cosmetics, soaps, polyether polyols, alkyd resins, explosives, humectants, coatings, Pet foods, Human foods, lubricants, flexible foams, solid fuel, de-icers, anti-icers, paints, textiles, surface coating, paper and printing industry, plastics, daily chemicals, agricultural, toiletries, tobacco, rubber, lubricants, PU Forms, as good additive and many more industries. Pharmaceutical & Drug, Used in medical and pharmaceutical preparations, mainly as a means of improving smoothness, provide lubrication and humectants. Suppositories, cough syrups, elixirs and expectorants. Personal Care & Cosmetics, Serves as an emollient, humectants, solvent, and lubricant in personal care products. Competes with sorbitol although glycerol has better taste and higher solubility. Toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products and soaps. Food and Beverages, Serves as humectant, solvent and sweetener, may help preserve foods Solvent for flavour and food coloring Humectant and softening agent in candy, cakes and casings for meats and cheeses Manufacture of mono and di-glycerides for use as emulsifiers. Used in manufacture of polyglycerol esters going into shortenings and margarine Used as filler in low-fat food products (i.e., cookies). Polyether, Polyols, One of the major raw materials for the manufacture of polyol for flexible foams, and to a lesser extent rigid polyurethane foams Glycerol is the initiator to which propylene oxide, ethylene oxide is added. Alkyd Resins (Plastic) and Cellophane, Used in surface coatings and paints Used as a softener and plasticizer to impart flexibility, pliability and toughness Uses include meat casings, collagen casings (medical applications) and nonmeat packaging Plasticizer in cellophane. Explosives, Used in the production of TNT (Trinitroglycerine). Glyceryl triacetate is a component in binders in the production of solid fuel rockets. Other, Manufacture of paper as a plasticizer, humectants and lubricant Humectants for pet foods to retain moisture and enhance palatability. Used in lubricating, sizing and softening of yarn and fabric. Used in de-icing, anti-icing fluids. Patent applications have been filed for detergent softeners and surfactants based on glycerine (i.e., alkyl glyceryl ethers) instead of quaternary ammonium compounds, etc.


More information about Glycerine, Glycerol, Glycerin, Pure Glycerine, Pure Glycerol, Pure Glycerin, Liquid Glycerine, Liquid Glycerol, Liquid Glycerin, Refined Glycerine, Refined Glycerol, Refined Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerine, Vegetable Glycerol, Vegetable Glycerin. Please contact Technical Sales, Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd. Address: 36/1 Moo 9, Nadee, Mueangsamutsakhon, Samutsakhon, Thailand.

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