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, Non-Dairy Creamer, ˹¤, Ե, Coffee Creamer, Coffee whitener

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, Non-Dairy Creamer, ˹¤, Ե, Coffee Creamer, Coffee whitener

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36/1 9 ӺŹҴ ͧطҤ ѧѴطҤ 74000

034496284, 034854888, 0861762992, 0824504888, 0868850111

ʹ polychemicals888 (at) gmail (dot) com

Ե, ˹¤, ¤, Ҥ, ͡, ѷ

ѷ, çҹ, çҹԵ, Ե, Coffee Whitener, Coffee Creamer

Non Dairy Creamer (NDC)

Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd., Thailand

Non dairy creamer from Thai Poly Chemicals Co.,ltd. is produced by high quality raw materials which make our product have good shelf life and high quality. Not only high quality raw materials but we also have efficient manufactured process in every step. For example, Quality control and Quality assurance process, Trace back and tracking non conformity goods, transportation etc. So, Combined with high quality raw materials and efficient manufactured process and quality management system, we can ensure that you will receive high quality product along with good consistency which are the major concern in our policy.

1. Uses of Non-dairy creamer

Non-dairy creamer can be used in any products that want to increase fat content in order to enhance mouth feel and creaminess properties and give smoother texture to you product.

2. Shelf life and storage condition: 2 years in cool and dry place, room temperature 25 °C

3. Product benefit

Our Non-dairy creamer is produced form Palm kernel oil which make our product have good quality and give shelf life around 2 years.

Good for using with 3in 1 premix, beverage and bakery.

4. Physical properties

White to creamy colour, free flowing powder

5. Packing size and details

Industrial size

25 Kg brown printed bag or blank bag with 3 layer of kraft paper bag and P.E. liner

More information of Non Dairy Creamer, please contact Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd. Tel (66)34 496284, (66)34 854888, (66)8600160016, Email address, polychemicals888 (at) gmail (dot) com

Thailand NDC

Thailand Non Dairy Creamer

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Acesulfame Potassium, Ыի, Ыի

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¢СõҴ .Ԥ

. 034496284, 034854888, 0861762992, 0824504888

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