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õ, Calcium Stearate, ÷, Եūõ, ˹õ

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õ, Calcium Stearate, ÷, Եūõ, ˹õ

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͡ҡ ѷ ѧ繼Ե, ˹ ͡ õ (Metal Stearate) ¡

Barium Stearate, õ, ÷, CAS Number 6865-35-6

Calcium Stearate, õ, ÷, CAS Number 1592-23-0

Lead Stearate, Ŵõ, մõ, Сõ, CAS Number 7428-48-0

Magnesium Stearate, õ, ÷, CAS Number 557-04-0

Zinc Stearate, ԧõ, ԧõ, ѧõ, CAS Number 557-05-1


Technical Information of Calcium Stearate, Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd.

PRODUCT NAME: Calcium Stearate, Product of Thailand
CHEMICAL NAME: Octadecanoic Acid Calcium Salt
CAS NUMBER: 1592-23-0
SYNONYMS: Octadecanoic Acid Calcium Salt, Calcium Distearate, Calcium Octadecanoate, Calcium Soap
PHYSICAL FORM: White Fine Powder 
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Calcium Stearate is specially designed for using as a PVC stabilizer in non-toxic formulation when used with other metal soaps, epoxy and chelator (food packaging, potable water pipes, etc). It increases transparency when used with Cadmium stearate. It can be used as an external and internal lubricant in rigid as well as plasticized compounds. It can be used in cosmetics, grease, paints and inks, waterproofing agent and paper coating. Calcium stearate is a non-toxic, white powdery substance. It is a calcium salt derived from stearic acid and is widely used in plastics. This Calcium salt is used as a plasticizer, stabilizer, and surfactant. Calcium stearate is used as lubricant and mold-releasing agent in thermoset plastics. It is non-toxic, non-polluting sulfur.

PACKAGING: 10 or 20 kg in PP bags with inner PE liner.
SUPPLIER: Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd.
EXPORTER: Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Thai Poly Chemicals Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS: 36/1 Moo 9, Nadee, Mueangsamutsakhon, Samutsakhon, Thailand
DEPARTMENT: Export Sales Division
Tel. +6634 496284, +6634 854888
Fax. +6634 496285, +6634 496680
Mobile No. +668 00160016, +668 98554004

Calcium Stearate Application:

1. Calcium stearate is a waxy material with low solubility in water, unlike traditional sodium and potassium soaps. It is also easy and cheap to produce, and exhibits low toxicity. These attributes are the basis of many of its applications. Related applications exist for the magnesium stearate.

2. The concrete industry uses calcium stearate for efflorescence control of cementitious products used in the production of concrete masonry units i.e. paver and block, as well as waterproofing. The cement industry often uses Calcium Stearate in the liquid form to prevent secondary efflorescence. This helps in reducing the loss of the solvated salt into the atmosphere due to continuous exposure of cement to air in the atmosphere.

3. In paper production, calcium stearate is used as a lubricant to provide good gloss, preventing dusting and fold cracking in paper and paperboard making. The paper production line also utilizes Calcium Stearate to give paper that semi-matte gloss at a lower cost and also to extend the life of the paper.

4. In plastics, it can act as an acid scavenger or neutralizer at concentrations up to 1000ppm, a lubricant and a release agent. It may be used in plastic colorant concentrates to improve pigment wetting. In rigid PVC, it can accelerate fusion, improve flow, and reduce die swell. Calcium Stearate is used in the manufacture of PVC. It acts as an external lubricant in PVC processing. It promotes fusion and has a reasonable stability to heat.

5. Applications in the personal care and pharmaceutical industry include tablet mold release, anti-tack agent, and gelling agent. Calcium Stearate helps prevent chemicals from sticking to the processing equipment when the chemical powders are processed into solid tablets. The same principle applies to processing of food products like candies and other confectionary.

6. Calcium stearate is used as a flow agent and surface conditioner in some candies such as Smarties, jawbreakers and Sprees.

7. Used as dispersant and lubricant for manufacturing sheet, film, hosepipe, artificial leather, etc.

8. It can improve the gelation speed in the hard product with the basic lead salt and lead soap.

9. It can eliminate the bad effect of residual catalyst to the resins color and stabilizer in the resins as a helogenic absorb agent.

10. It is a lubricant in the polyolefin fiber and the model plastic products.

11. It also can be used as lubricant and mold-releasing agent in thermosetting plastics and resins reinforcing PET plastics such as bakelite and amide, etc.

12. It can also improve work ability of hard products with stabilizer. 

13. It also can be used as lubricant and mold-release agent in thermoset plastics and resins reinforcing PET

plastics such as bakelite and amide, etc. the bodiness agent of lubricating ester, water-proof agent of

textiles, flatting agent of paint. It can also improve work ability of hard products with stabilizer.

14. Calcium Stearate is used as thickening agent for lubricating grease.

15. Calcium stearate is a component in some types of defoamer.

16. It is a waterproofing agent for fabrics.

17. A lubricant in pencils and crayons.

18. Anticaking agent.

19. Other applications

More information of high quality Calcium Stearate, please contact

Technical Sales, Thai Poly Chemicals Company Limited. Thailand

Tel : (66)34496284, (66)34854888, (66)8600160016, (66)898554004

Fax: (66)34496285, (66)34496680, (66)344996681

Email address, polychemicals888 (at) gmail (dot) com


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