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紡ѹ, 紾ʵԡѹ, Anti-moisture masterbatch, Desiccant masterbatch, Plastic desiccant

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紡ѹ, 紾ʵԡѹ, Anti-moisture masterbatch, Desiccant masterbatch, Plastic desiccant

Moisture absorber masterbatch, Plastic defoaming masterbatch, Moisturized absorber plastic additive

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¢СõҴ ѷ Ԥ ӡѴ

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紡ѹ, 紾ʵԡѹ, 紡ѹѺʵԡ, 紡ѹặ

Ե紡ѹ, 紡ѹ, ˹紡ѹ, 紡ѹ, ͡紡ѹ, çҹ紡ѹ

Desiccant, Desiccant masterbatch, Desiccant resin, Desiccant pellet

Anti-moisture masterbatch, Anti-moisture resin, Plastic anti-moisture masterbatch

Plastic desiccant, Plastic desiccant masterbatch, Plastic desiccant resin

Moisture absorber masterbatch, Moisture absorber resin, Moisture absorber pellet

Moisture absorbent masterbatch, Moisture absorbent resin, Moisture absorbent pellet

Moisturized absorber masterbatch, Moisturized absorber resin, Moisturized absorber pellet

Moisturized absorbent masterbatch, Moisturized absorbent resin, Moisturized absorbent pellet

Moisturized absorber plastic additive, Plastic dehumidifying masterbatch

Plastic defoaming masterbatch, Plastic defoaming resin, Plastic defoaming pellet


紡ѹ 紾ʵԡѹ ѺѺҹʵԡ ҹٻʵԡҧ ҹ ҹا ҹ Եҡ紾ʵԡ PE, PP, PVC, Commodity plastic ͧͧҡ дٴѺ ͧԸաͺ 觼»Ѵѧҹ俿 Ѵ Ŵçҹ öŴ鹷عüԵҧջԷҾ »㹾ʵԡ դ鹼ҡ͹¢ѺسҾͧѵشԺ ҡӾʵԡ 仼ҹкǹâٻ͡з鹧ҹʵԡտͧҡȴҹ Դç;ʵԡ 觼ŵͤسѵԷ駷ҧҾзҧբͧ鹧ҹʵԡ Ըվ鹰ҹ㹡ѭͧ㹾ʵԡ Եǹ˭йӾʵԡҡкǹͺ¤͹͡ ͹кǹüԵ ͡кǹâٻ鹧ҹʵԡӴѺ 觨зԴ·٧㹡ͺ Ҿѧҹ俿, çҹ, , ҡúèѴ÷Ѿҡõҧ ԴԨ¤鹤ҹѵ紡ѹ鹢 ѺѭҴѧ 紡ѹöѺ紾ʵԡŪԴҧ PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, Commodity plastic 繵 öѺҹٻʵԡٻẺҧҧҧҧ ҹ ҹ ҹ ҹا ŷ ͧ ͧ㹤͹ ҹմٻ ҹմ ҹ ҹ  鹧ҹʵԡٻẺ

Ըաҹ: ӼԵѳ紡ѹ ѺѵشԺʵԡ ͵ҡѹöԹüԵ ҳҹ 1-5 % Ѻ鹢ͧѵشԺ紾ʵԡ ԴاҹǤ 12 ǹûԴا蹷ѹ йԴкحҡ ͻͧѹҾҡʡѺҡ

ҹ紡ѹ öѺ紾ʵԡ, 紾ʵԡդ鹼 û ;ʵԡٻẺҧ öѺ紾ʵԡ ͡ӨѴ㹾ʵԡ

Ҵèѳ: è 5 š㹶احҡ 1 ͧ 5 ا (25š/1ͧ)

Ըաѡ: 㹷աкҡȷ, ա§ʧᴴ, ͧѡҾحҡ ѧҡԴا٭ҡ 12 ͻԴاкحҡȷѹѧԴاҹ


1. öѭҤ㹾ʵԡҧջԷҾ

2. öԵ鹵͹ Ѻ紾ʵԡµç ͧ¹ŧкǹáüԵҧ

3. 繾ɵͼҹ ѹµآҾ Фͧ͵ͼ˹ѧ 㹢зҹ ͧҡٻặ дǡ͡ҹ ͹ СèѴ 繼ԵѳԵáѺǴ

4. Ŵ㹡üԵ ŴԹŧعͧͺ紾ʵԡ ŴҾѧҹ俿 Ŵçҹ Ŵ㹡ͺ дǡ㹡ûԺѵԧҹ 觼鹷عüԵ ŴŧҧջԷҾ


(Masterbatch) ¡ .Ԥ ˹

Accelerator masterbatch, Curing agent masterbatch, õ觻ԡҡäٻҧ, ÷ҧٻ

Calcium Carbonate masterbatch, CaCO3 masterbatch, ๵ ặ,

Color masterbatch, Black masterbatch, White masterbatch, ặ, , վʵԡ, , բ, մ

Filler masterbatch, Filler Pellet, ặ, ẵ, , 紿

Moisture absorber masterbatch, Moisture absorber resin, Desiccant masterbatch, 紡ѹ

Optical brightener masterbatch, OB1 masterbatch, 紡Ѵ, Ѵ, ͺѹ, ͺѹ

OXO biodegradable masterbatch, OXO-bio degradable masterbatch, OBD masterbatch, , , 紾ʵԡ

Purging masterbatch, Purging resin, Purging compound, ҧʡ, 紩մӤҴʡ

Talc masterbatch, Talc Pellet, š ặ, š, Ť, 紷š, 紷Ť

Talcum masterbatch, Talcum Pellet, Ť ặ, Ť, 紷Ť

Sulphur masterbatch, Sulfur masterbatch, ặ, , жѹ, 紡жѹ

Vulcanizing agent masterbatch, Ť乫 ặ, ء, ء ặ


öͺǡѺԵѳ Тšҹ

¢СõҴ ѷ Ԥ ӡѴ

36/1 9 ӺŹҴ ͧطҤ ѧѴطҤ 74000                       

034496284, 034854888, 0861762992, 0824504888, 0868850111

ʹ polychemicals888(at)gmail(dot)com, Line id: wuttpcc


Desiccant masterbatch or Anti-moisture masterbatch is used to eliminate humidity, highly effective with reprocessed PE, reprocessed PP, reprocessed PVC, reprocessed Plastic, recycle PE, recycle PP, recycle PVC, recycle Plastic, It can reduce gels caused by moisture and eliminate the need for preheating. By adding between 0.5 to 5.0% as blend ratio the humidity will be removed from recycled or virgin material and the fish eyes will disappear thus eliminating the bubble bursting problem during production. TPCC desiccant masterbatch is very effective, cost efficient and widely used with reprocessed and recycle plastic.

PACKING SIZE: 25 Kg in a carton box (5 kg/vacuum PP bag, 5 bags /carton box)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Desiccant masterbatch or Anti-moisture masterbatch or Moisture absorber masterbatch has been researched and developed specially for solving the moisture problem in plastic. It can absorb the moisture in masterbatch, plastics pellets or polyolefin resin greatly without bringing

quality down. The costs can be cut down and the productivity can be raised accordingly. It is widely used in recycle materials, moisturized plastics and degradable plastics. Normally, the recycle plastics contain a lot of moisture.

APPLICATION: Recycle materials, recycle plastics, moisturized plastics and degradable plastics

DOSAGE: Direct addition 0.5 to 5.0 phr mixed with plastic resin, depending on % moisture of raw material and the final product’s requirements

STORAGE: 6 months keeping in dry and good ventilation place, avoid sunlight, must keep in vacuum condition. After tearing off the vacuum bag. It is usable within 12 to 24 hours depending on the climate. But it is highly recommended to use within 8 hrs.


More information about desiccant masterbatch or anti-moisture masterbatch or moisture

absorber masterbatch, please directly contact TPCC Technical Sales.

Thai Poly Chemicals Company Limited. Thailand.

Tel. (66)34 496284, (66)34 854888, (668)00160016, (668)98554004

Email address: polychemicals888(at)gmail(dot)com

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